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Jimmie Rodgers won a talent contest when he was 12 years old. After that experience he knew music was his calling and he never gave up his dreams of performing.  He realized his dreams and in the process made significant contributions to the development of American music and  earned the titles of “America’s Blue Yodeler” and “The Father of Country Music.” The Jimmie Rodgers Foundation honors his dreams, hopes and accomplishments each year with a talent competition and provides opportunities for aspiring musicians to be recognized.

2017 Jimmie Rodgers Talent Competition

The Jimmie Rodgers Talent Competition is now open for submissions!

Each year, visitors from all over the world attend the Jimmie Rodgers Music Festival in celebration of the rich heritage of American music. The Jimmie Rodgers Talent Competition has been a part of the Jimmie Rodgers Music Festival for decades and has been a platform for showcasing a countless array of singers, songwriters, and musicians.

Submit your entry online, and in addition to the opportunity to win a brand-new Peavey guitar and cash prizes, you’ll compete for the opportunity to perform on stage at the Jimmie Rodgers Music Festival on May 6, 2017!


The competition consists of two categories: Youth (ages 17 and under) and Adult (ages 18 and older). First, second, and third place winners will be selected in each category.


Click here for official rules.

Visit our 2017 Competition Youtube page.

2017 Jimmie Rodgers
Talent Contest Entry Form
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Youth Finalists

1st Joy Kate Lawson

2nd Eliza Black

3rd Daizyanna and her Mississippi Garage Band



Adult Finalists

1st Alanna Mosley

2nd Jason Stogner Band

3rd Anna McDaniel

Tip: Submitted videos DO NOT have to be slick, highly-edited promotional masterpieces. In fact, we would much rather see a straightforward, unedited performance that shows your personality and talent. Even if it's just you introducing yourself on camera and then performing in your living room or backyard.